Willunga High School

Willunga High School

Willunga High School values & promotes the philosophies of Middle Schooling. 

This means that we:

  • Develop positive relationships between teachers and students
  • Provide an environment which fosters success and values excellence
  • Offer a relevant, interesting and challenging curriculum to all students.

Willunga High has clearly differentiated between its Middle School (Years 8 and 9) and Senior School (Year 10, Stage 1 and 2) with complementary philosophies operating within a cohesive framework, which aims to:

  • Ensure the vision and practices of the school reflect the needs of students in a changing world
  • Provide an education which is relevant and effective for students in years 10-13
  • Improve the quality of learning and enhance the opportunities for senior students to obtain entry into post-secondary employment, training and education.